Building Julia on Intel Edison

I picked up an Intel Edison with mini breakout board from the employee store last week and decided to try to put Julia on it and eventually run a small web app with Mustache and Morsel to serve up sensor data.  I didn’t see anything online about building Julia on the Edison, and while it went fairly smoothly, I figured I would post my notes to possibly save anyone else who tries it some time.

I did the basic setup by following the Intel guide to update the firmware, and then used this Sparkfun guide to install Ubilinux.  After that I started working though the compile from source section on the main Julia github page.  Don’t miss the git checkout release-0.3 part like I did.  Before making julia go ahead and apt-get install gfortran and bzip2 since they were not included for some reason.

I also needed to do make -C deps clean-llvm and the same for openblas. For the latter, I also needed to use OPENBLAS_TARGET_ARCH=ATOM. Overall, not too bad!